Superhero Schoolhouse Curriculum Guidelines 2020

 The curriculum of Superhero Schoolhouse is based on the New Jersey Department of Education Preschool Standards.  Each student is an individual at Superhero Schoolhouse.  By applying differentiated instruction to lesson planning and assessment, students at Superhero Schoolhouse are introduced to concepts at appropriate levels for age, development, maturity and academics.  Students are provided numerous opportunities to explore new and old concepts through a variety of subjects.  While concepts are introduced and revisited for continued improvement and progress toward mastery, students ready for new challenges are provided the space and time to explore concepts at more advanced levels.  The role of adults in the classroom is to foster exploration and development at each student’s own pace to provide optimum learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.

The curriculum of Superhero Schoolhouse is designed to educate and encourage the development of the whole child – social, emotional, physical and academic.  Teachers will provide daily opportunities for students to investigate various methods of learning while acquiring new skills and strategies.  Preschool students are provided with foundational objectives to prepare them for the expectations of Pre-Kindergarten.  This strategy of scaffolding will carry on through all areas of the curriculum to ensure that students achieve independence across the standards.

Student development and academics will be assessed throughout the year.  Toddler and Preschool classes will complete developmental assessments two (2) times per school year (November and May).  The Pre-Kindergarten class will complete a combined developmental and academic assessment three (3) times per school year (November, February and June)

Superhero Schoolhouse applies the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) Preschool Standards for Approaches to Learning.  Students will demonstrate initiative, engagement and persistence while working independently and in small groups; demonstrate creativity and imagination; identify and solve problems independently; and apply learned concepts and skills to new situations.

The administration and staff are committed to ensuring that all students are taught in such a way that they may reach their full potential.  By creating learning environments with a variety of learning styles and abilities in mind, students are ever present in an environment that focuses on their individual levels of development, while reinforcing and challenging skills as deemed appropriate.

Families are not only invited, but encouraged, to participate at Superhero Schoolhouse in a manner that encourages the development of their children.  Through activities such as visiting storytellers, seasonal and holiday events and an open-door policy, families are an integral part of Superhero Schoolhouse.